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ООО Calumbus 

 Our company Calumbus has been in the market for about 9 years now, at first our main business was totally logistics and shipping and now we have a very know name all over Ukraine and Europe and we are also the official representative of the Royal Jordanian air company in the Ukraine. Then we started the export department. Our main goal was manufacturing a high quality product for our country that goes was the name of the company so started at the bottom and now we have a well-known name especially in the Middle East. As we study the market and its needs and create a goal for ourselves to be the top brand in that market and that is what we do. Reaching the summit is hard, harder to stay on top. Our experience in the field of shipping gave us the chance to ship efficiently, fast and with the best prices at the same time. We can supply you with hardwood charcoal at a very good price, of good quality, and it would be great for us to cooperate with you.
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